Signature Retreats

Designed to be in harmony with the natural flow of the seasons

Every season, we host a Signature Retreat, a 10-day sacred group experience led by Sen Wellness Founder and Medical Director Sam Kankanamge. These exclusive programmes include additional one-to-one treatment sessions with Sam and often invite a team of therapists and practitioners from different healing modalities to collaborate and create transformational workshops and ceremonies. Some of the deepest healing can occur when we allow others to be a mirror of ourselves. The group naturally evolves during the retreat, strong connections are made, and lasting friendships are formed.

Winter Revival Retreat

2nd - 9th December, 2023

Festive Retreat

23rd - 1st January 2024

Spring Awakening Retreat

28th March - 6th April 2024

Golden Summer Retreat

16th - 25th August, 2024

Autumn Sunshine Retreat

10th - 19th November 2023

“There is something magical about a tightly knit group of people working together and playing together, a feeling of being in the world together. We believe that even those of us who have not experienced the magic hear its distant music and feel its ancient call. Such a community can create the context and confidence for a transforming journey” – Sam Kankanamge, Sen Wellness Founder