What is Water Fasting?


Dating back over 6,000 years, water fasting has been an integral healing modality used by many cultures, traditions, and religions. Often called the “universal cure,” water fasting is used to cure sickness, disease and restore the body to equilibrium. Beyond physical benefits, water fasting offers very transformative and healing experiences mentally.

Before embarking on your own water fast, it is important to have knowledge and understanding of this practice so that you do not disrupt that balance of your mind and body complex. If you are looking for a gentle introduction to fasting, intermittent fasting and juice cleansing offer a great place to start.

What is Water Fasting?

Water fasting is exactly how it sounds, you wake up, and drink water all day as a method of cleansing and detoxifying the body. A typical fast lasts anywhere from 24 hours to 7 days, and many people who have serious ailments to heal from do them for longer 

We use over 40% of our daily energy digesting and absorbing food, and this can be even higher for people with illness and digestive issues. But when you fast, your body can redirect that energy back into healing. 

Water Fasting Benefits

When we fast, the body goes into ketosis and full detoxification mode – our liver cleans out, our kidneys clean out, and our body starts to push toxins out through the 4 channels of elimination: perspiration, respiration, defecation and urination. 

One study from the University of California Berkeley found that a three day water fast serves your body by resetting your immune system and activating the stem cells that enable you to perform at your optimum level. 

How to do a Water Fast the Sanctuary way:

At the Sanctuary we curated very tailored programmes to each and every guest. With that being said, water fasts are more straightforward in nature, which is why we offer two main protocols:

  • 24-36 Hour Fast: During this time you will consume only water and coconut water.
  • 48-72 Hour Fast: During this time you will consume only water and coconut water.

There is much that goes into water fast beyond simply drinking water and fasting. During a water fast, many emotions arise that can feel very intense. The way we process these emotions is fundamental to our healing journey, which is why we have a very experienced in-house medical team, ayurvedic doctor and yoga teacher available to you 24/7. Our team is dedicated to holding space for you as you enter deeper states.


How do you keep from starving

Our body has glucose reserves that are basically reserves of nutrients from foods we have eaten yesterday, last week, last month, last year, and even throughout our lifetime. When we take a break from eating and digesting foods, our body dips into those nutrient reserves to provide energy.

The most difficult time is the first 72 hours. During the first 72 hours, we are using up the stored glucose in our body. As our bodies begin going into ketosis, we begin to burn fat for fuel instead of relying on glucose.

Can I exercise?

It is strongly advised not to exercise on a water fast, so without that energy output your body will be focused on restoring, rejuvenating, and reactivating from the inside out.

Who can and can’t do this?

Technically anyone CAN do water fast, but it is important that you feel in a stable place mentally and physically with food.

Worth noting, someone coming from eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) would want to clean up their diet before they start a water fast. Switching over to a (mostly) plant-based diet full of veggies, fruits, leafy grains, grains, and legumes and then going into drinking all water for a day is the way to go, to ease your body into it. 

What are the spiritual benefits?

Removing the digestive process for a period of time enhances the gut-brain connection and allows us to draw deeper into our soul and our solar plexus chakra to get answers to our deepest questions. 

Many people express feeling more connected to nature. When we are more fluid in our bodies, we also become more fluid with the world around us. You will feel more euphoria and one with nature. Water fasting helps to clear brain fog, which is ideal for meditation, yoga, and all around spiritual healing. This is a great time to practice automatic writing, meditation, self-care rituals, crystal healing, and more. 

Final Words

Water fasting has been one of the greatest healing techniques in history and continues to be so today. Our bodies accumulate toxins that clog our body filters and can create disease. It is important to cleanse and detoxify our bodies so that we can live optimally. If you are seeking water fast, we are happy to support you on this journey. Please ask any questions and make sure to consult a doctor before.

With love,

Sen Wellness


Coming from a lineage of healers, Lina works with somatic embodiment, breathwork, energetic healing, sound, and naturopathic nutrition. She channels her practice into words and thoughts to share with you. Her warmth and radiant energy will capture you through her words

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Claire White
Claire White
I have just completed a 10 day retreat at Sen Wellness and having researched many options, I was drawn to this but it was way beyond my expectations, it was amazing. The yoga by Frances and the monk was incredible, the doctors were kind and helpful and all the staff could not have been more helpful. Special mention to treatments from Tanisha and the manager Sanath who got me out on the beach one evening to see the mother turtles. A dream come true in so many ways, left feeling refreshed,so much healthier in body and mind!! I would highly recommend to anyone who needs a reset.
Michael B
Michael B
My stay at Sen Wellness was absolutely amazing all-round. Sen is a beautiful place, in the middle of nature with a serene atmosphere. I had a deeply relaxing,  inspiring and unforgettable stay at Sen.I stayed for three weeks in April/May 2024. The Yoga and meditation classes were great and even as a (complete) beginner, I felt very well supported. Also the therapeutic sessions were fantastic and effective. The food is delicious and rich in variety, which was very welcome for my longer stay.As I was traveling alone, I much enjoyed the close-knit group and personal feeling at Sen. Meals are enjoyed sitting together around a large communal table, allowing you to connect and meet.The staff is just fabulous - everyone, from the gardener, kitchen staff, to the therapists and managers (to mention just a few), really cares to make you feel well. Whenever you need something, they help you. Everyone greets you always with a smile.I would like to thank the whole Sen team for an amazing experience, and I am sure to be back here in the future
britta barth
britta barth
I had a wonderful stay and participated in the Signature Retreat. The resort is located in a very beautiful nature reserve. There is a beautiful beach for long nice walks and you also can see turtles.Meditation and Yoga were very also so good as were the ayurvedic treatments. I love it.The Signature Retreat led by Sam is a great, inspiring journey in itself - I can highly recommend.The ayurvedic food was delicious and the staff is great.I hope to go soon again to this wonderful place.Mandy thanks to Sam and his team at Sen Wellness Sanctuary. Britta
One of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had in my life. The 10-day retreat is the ultimate in relaxation. They feed you all your meals (delicious homegrown/homemade food), schedule yoga and daily spa treatments and hold special ceremonies throughout the week. The staff go above and beyond to make your experience deep, meaningful and heartfelt. The sanctuary is located in a jungle so be prepared to be immersed in wildlife! Monkeys, reptiles of all kinds, turtles on the beach, eagles/birds and more! I stumbled across this place researching Sri Lanka and it was truly meant to be. The faculties are stunning, comfortable and reasonably priced. Don’t miss an opportunity to come here!
Melanie Farfel
Melanie Farfel
A wonderful stay! The staff was so incredible and thoughtful throughout. I left feeling very rejuvenated. Thank you !
I had really nice experience at Sen Wellness for 8 nights. Here is in the middle of nature, we can feel that we are a part of nature and it is very natural to live with all kinds of animals and plants. I am now mentally and physically fit.What I really appreciated is food - healthy, everyday different menu, some vegetables that I have never seen… I felt that my feeling of taste transformed through my stay and skin condition and body condition became better.All people here is really kind and peaceful.Yoga teacher, Stefania, is a wonderful teacher, she is really knowledgeable and so kind to care all participants. I had enjoyed conversations with her at breakfast, lunch and dinner.Doctors, therapists are nice, I could ask questions and request whatever I feel comfortable.There are different types of rooms, I experienced the most luxury cabana and eco-cabana with Air Conditioning, too. Luxury cabana was awesome but I liked eco-cabana as well. It was an old facility but authentic, compact and I felt cozy. I was alone in the room so the space was enough for single use. If you wish to have luxury stay, I would recommend you to go for Luxury cabana.Everyone has different purpose and expectations. My purpose was feel nature, have simple life and feel appreciation of life. And it was fulfilled. Thank you so much for all Sen wellness team.
sunil damodar
sunil damodar
Went to Sen Wellness with family for a retreat, it was a nice spiritual and healthy experience. Fantastic team who were friendly and did everything possible to make it us feel special, great doctors and therapists and of course the daily yoga and one on one interaction with Sam was icing on the cake. Would recommend this to anyone looking for a great mix of spirituality, yoga, treatment and healthy eating. Look forward to my next one at Sen Wellness.
Jessica Crozier
Jessica Crozier
Sen Wellness is the perfect place to go to when you are exhausted by life and need a rest to get back to yourself and work through any difficulties you may be experiencing.There’s lovely yoga and meditation classes every day plus a set schedule which is a great way to structure your day of rest alongside tailored Ayurvedic treatments and healthy food.The place is for me perfect but it’s not like a 5 star hotel so if that’s what you are looking for it may be the wrong place for you.If you are lucky you’ll see some turtles as well.Samath and Francis are great managers and will make sure everything goes well.
Kumail Syedain
Kumail Syedain
Beautiful experience, beyond my wildest expectations. Would recommend to anyone interested in Ayurveda and healing
Neil Wadhawan
Neil Wadhawan
I was fortunate to lead a yoga retreat in early February of 2024. Everything was absolutely spectacular. Sen is a very special place with a beautiful energy that is perfect for retreat and healing.What really makes Sen so special are the people. Every single one of the staff members as well as the ayurveda doctors and all the managers were so kind and always trying to make each experience special. The entire team was led by Sanath and Frances and they were both absolutely wonderful. I can't possibly find enough kind words for both of them. Their leadership and warmth really allowed me to lead the retreat in the best way I could and they were always there for me whenever I needed. Thank you!
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