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Sat Nam, dearest patients, friends and colleagues.

It was a tremendous Summer at the Sanctuary and we look forward to welcoming many new faces over the coming months. We have wonderful international teachers and therapists visiting during the Autumn and Winter seasons, so be sure to read more details on our retreats tab.

In keeping with the momentum we’ve built since opening, we are thrilled to be announcing that we are ‘refreshing’ the Breath of Life Clinic and Sanctuary brand over the coming months in line with the celebration of the Clinic’s 10th birthday, in March of 2017. The Sanctuary has established itself as an authentic expression of the work Sam has been doing in the clinic for many years. Kundalini yoga has a far wider reach than before, as we continue to attract international guests from all over, particularly expanding our community within Australia, Asia and Europe.

As with life, evolution is required for renewal and transformation. We see this as an opportunity to let go, gain clarity on what has been achieved and re-focus our intention. We are incredibly grateful for all your support that has nurtured us through growing pains and success. As we all know so well, it’s what’s inside that counts. This re-branding merely brings a fresh lens for the same core values to shine through so we can continue support our existing community, and expand at a rate which aligns with the integrity of Breath of Life’s original vision.

Introducing Breath of Life’s fresh lens, “Sen Wellness” / Inspired by Zen and Sensei, we look forward to embracing this change and expansion of consciousness.

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