Our Team

World Class Care

We put our heart and soul into delivering professional and high-quality service while you are here with us. This commitment can be felt through the warmth and attentiveness of our team who are there to take care of all the details, ensuring you feel well-cared for and can fully relax during your retreat.

Sam Kankanamge BSc (Hons) Osteo, DPO, Dip.Acu is a world-renowned healthcare professional, with over 25 years of experience transforming patients’ health.
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Sam Kankanamge, Founder & Medical Director

Sudheera is an accountant by profession and has built a successful career in the printing industry. However, his true passion lies in hospitality and travel.
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Sudheera Kankanamge, Managing Director

Davia is our Retreat Specialist and manages enquiries and bookings for those interested in visiting us at the Sanctuary.
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Davia Peris, Retreat Specialist & Clinic Manager

Sanath is our Resident Manager, overseeing the day-to-day operations at the Sanctuary and dedicated to ensuring exceptional guest experience.

Sanath Dhanawalawithanage,  Resident Manager

Frances is a dedicated and passionate Yoga & Retreat Facilitator with a holistic understanding of health and wellness. She offers a multi-modality therapeutic approach and will guide and support each guest's journey while at the Sanctuary.

Frances Webster, Wellness Manager

Tharaka is our skilled and innovative Head chef with many years of experience in the management of kitchen operations and food preparation.

Chef Tharaka, Head Chef

Dr. Nishshanka is qualified with a Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery from the University of Kelaniya. She also specialises in Ayurveda beauty culture, Yoga and Relaxation Techniques, and Acupuncture.

Dr Nishshanka, Ayurvedic Doctor

Each guest is supported by our team of world-class yoga teachers, expert Ayurvedic doctors, skilled local therapists, and exceptional in-house chefs. Throughout the year we also collaborate with a selection of high-calibre visiting practitioners, such as shamans, artists, chefs and musicians, to produce carefully curated experiences for our guests. Each member of our team, while individually skilled and unique in their approach, is united in their alignment with the Sanctuary’s ethos and values.

Our resident yoga teacher changes every few months, bringing a fresh and diverse experience for our guests. If you are interested in practising a particular style of yoga, please contact us before booking to find out what is available during your preferred dates.

With roots in India and Tibet, Tseyang’s journey began in a Monastery in India. Well-versed in various styles of yoga, she finds the most profound practice to be through hatha yoga, including asana alignment, pranayama & meditation.

Tseyang, Yoga Teacher

A dedicated Buddhist monk with over two decades of practice and a certified Level 2 Kundalini yoga instructor, Nimal has been a guiding presence at the Sanctuary. He facilitates weekly meditation sessions.

Nimal, Buddhist Monk and Kundalini Instructor

Greta offers gong meditation, Lomilomi massage and Kundalini yoga, to help unlock your inner self and promote healing.

Greta Lange, Yoga Teacher

Ann is a passionate yogi and lifelong dancer. With a decade of full-time teaching experience and over 1000 hours in certifications, she has a passion to learn and serve every day of her journey. To her yoga is a coming home into our body and planet.

Ann Schreppers, Yoga Teacher

With Sri Lankan heritage and Australian roots, Ven Darmashanthi brings immense wisdom and knowledge to the Sanctuary that is aimed at guiding women in modern-day culture.

Ven Darmashanti, Buddhist Nun