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2020 Closing Ceremony

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Monday 28th December, 09.00-10.30 am GMT


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As we are all well aware, 2020 has been a year like no other. All of us have been confronted with multiple challenges. Some of these have been practical in nature; social isolation, restrictions to our freedom, adapting to radical changes to the way we live and work, illness, and financial pressures.

Then there has been the psychological and emotional impact; fear of the unknown, worrying for the wellbeing of the people we love, the health service, the economy, our communities, our world. All of this has been compounded by the slowing of our lifestyles, giving us ample time to think and feel our emotions.

While it has been an immensely testing time, it has equally gifted us a precious opportunity. In self-isolating, Universal Energy has forced us into a period of deep reflection and self-inquiry. Insights, growth, and expansion have emerged, shifting us individually and collectively to a higher level of consciousness.

Invoking the transformative power of ritual and intention-setting is a powerful way to close to any retreat, as those of you who have attended our closing fire ceremonies at the Sanctuary will know. In some way, 2020 has been an extended retreat, and when reflecting on how we could best serve you, our global community of friends, as we close this year; we felt strongly that we wanted to recreate our signature closing ceremony. This ceremony will support you to let go of the challenges and integrate the lessons from this extraordinary year, and move into 2021 with clarity, intention and purpose.

We are excited and grateful to bring this offering to you in collaboration with renowned Healer, Teacher and Intuitive, Mary Aver. Mary will bring her years of wisdom to officiate a fire ceremony, symbolising transformation and renewal. Buddhist Monk Venerable Nimal will also offer blessings for the new year.

A few weeks ahead of the event, we will also be sharing an e-book with journaling prompts, designed to help you reflect on all that you have learnt in 2020, about yourself, and any shifts in how you view the world around you. It will also ask you to think about the incoming year, how you want to feel, live and be in the world, and to set intentions to manifest in 2021.

You will have the opportunity to share with the circle if you feel called, although sharing is not an obligation if you feel shy or would rather keep your reflections for yourself.

We are honoured to facilitate this sacred journey and are so looking to sharing this energetic space with you.

Date: Monday 28th December 2020
Time: 09:00-10:30 am GMT

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