Meditation Retreat in Sri Lanka | Yoga & Buddhist Meditation | 2023

There are so many superb Meditation Retreats in Sri Lanka taking place whether you are a beginner looking for the best retreat that speaks to you, or you are looking for a more specific yoga retreat emphasizing wellness and Buddhist sound healing. 

Cleanse and transform your mind on a meditation retreat in Sri Lanka amidst the wilderness by granting yourself the time and opportunity to pause, unwind and unplug from the stressors and distractions of a fast-paced society. Un-cloud your mind and let your true essence shine through as you learn to let go of ingrained patterns: fears, insecurities, attachments, desires, and illusions, which may be driving your behaviour without you even releasing it. During your meditation retreat, you will have the space to become more introspective, develop more self-love and self-compassion, enabling you to observe your behavioural patterns with curiosity and compassion, rather than reaction and judgement. Your cleansed subconscious will consequently create space for you to connect with your higher wisdom so that you may experience things as they are, as well as step into your truest, most loving essence. 

So, how should you choose a meditation retreat?

meditation Retreat Sri Lanka, Meditation Retreat in Sri Lanka – All Inclusive
Meditation Retreat in Sri Lanka

Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge

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5 tips when choosing a Meditation Retreat in Sri Lanka

meditation Retreat Sri Lanka, Meditation Retreat in Sri Lanka – All Inclusive

In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness. Our life is a long and arduous quest after Truth

  1. Firstly, ask yourself what your utmost priority in this retreat is. Are you in need of a spa-like retreat to simply unwind and detox or in need of a more spiritual retreat where your body is kept moving? It is essential that you consider your truest motivation to embark on this journey so that you may best support your decision in your choice of retreat. It would be disappointing to fly across the world in the hope of participating in an intensive yoga retreat, only to find you have unknowingly enrolled in a gentle yin yoga course. 
  2. Consider the location and season you wish to go to. Which country? If you are looking for Ayurvedic healing, then Sri Lanka is the place for you. Do you find the tropical monsoon rain calming or do you prefer boundless sunshine? It is important to feel comfortable in your environment when going through such depths of emotional exploration and transformation. 
  3. Budget is inevitably a necessary factor to consider early on. You do not need to spend thousands to have a wonderful retreat experience. It all depends on the location and type of retreat you choose. Tips to make a retreat cheaper: 
  • Buy flights early 
  • Travel during the low season 
  • Consider sharing accommodation with a friend 
  • Surf the web and explore all the affordable destinations 
  1. Ask yourself whether you wish to embark on this journey alone or with a friend/partner as mentioned, going with someone can make accommodation cheaper. A retreat can also be a beautiful, memorable experience worth sharing with a loved one. However, drawbacks may arise such as the potential need to compromise to find a retreat suited to you both. It may also be harder for you to make friends with the other people on the retreat since you may feel tied to your companion. The possibility for you and your companion to bond can also be a positive aspect of the retreat. 
  2. Know your retreat leaders. Find out who your retreat leaders could be and whether their areas of focus match the aspects you wish to flourish or grow in. Reach out to the teachers on social media and get a feel of who they are through your conversations. Follow your intuition from then on about whether they would be the right teacher for you. Expectations for a meditation retreat It is wisest to let go of expectations so that you are not disappointed. Open your heart to new experiences. Some days, you may feel more vulnerable than others. Be understanding of your emotions and expect less from yourself. Be patient, kind and compassionate with yourself. You are going to experience difficult days. It is important to be kind to yourself during the retreat. Acceptance of all emotions is an element of peace. 

Expectations of a Sri Lankan Meditation retreat

As with everything, it is always best to go in with no expectations, but it is of course natural to be curious about what lies ahead during your Meditation retreat.

Meditation is a habitual, daily process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts in a positive way. The practise of meditation is gaining wider popularity and awareness due to our busy, stressful world as many people discover the massive health benefits of meditation. This practice can be used to increase awareness of yourself and your surroundings, reduce stress and develop concentration. It can also be used to develop other beneficial habits, positive mindsets, feelings, self-discipline, healthy sleep patterns and increased pain tolerance. 

When we meditate, we come to understand our mind and its habitual thoughts, feelings, and reactions. We can often find that there are ingrained patterns, fears, insecurities, attachments, and desires all of which are illusions that can drive our behaviour unconsciously. The more we recognize and observe these patterns with curiosity and compassion the more they fade, creating space for us to connect with a higher place of wisdom rather than negative or unhelpful reactions.  This practice cuts through a lifetime build-up of deep subconscious fears, resistances and separation that can often trick the mind – here we can begin to shine through and perceive things for what they truly are.

meditation Retreat Sri Lanka, Meditation Retreat in Sri Lanka – All Inclusive
Gong Bath with Buddhist Monks

4 Things you can Expect on a Meditation Retreat at Sen Wellness

A Day of Silence

Silent Meditation, otherwise known as Vipassana descended from the teachings of Buddhist meditation. It is known to teach mindfulness to your inner thoughts, feelings, actions and breathing. This practice requires total silence, thus allowing you to experience and observe a fully self-exploratory journey and gain a deeper understanding, insight and meaning into the true nature of reality by experiencing the world as it really is rather than constantly seeing things how you want to see them. In a hectic, busy, fast society where silence is a luxury, it is important to recognize the value of silence on our nervous system and allow us to really listen to our feelings and thoughts whilst taking in the delicate natural sounds that surround you at The Sanctuary. At Sen Wellness, we invite you to join in with this practice alongside our Buddhist Monk who regularly comes to lead silent walks along the beach and includes full silent days for total rest and restoration. Silent meditation for extended periods of time can be a challenging and boundary-pushing practice that requires a persistent attitude and expansive mind. However, commitment to it is worth everything once you begin to experience how beneficial it is to your mind, your overall perspective, and your nervous system. By removing yourself from the familiar conversation in your mind and connecting with yourself on an interpersonal level, you can begin to see a truly life-changing experience.

Sound Healing

Whilst on retreat at Sen Wellness, you can relax into weekly Sound Healings with our Buddhist Monk in our beautiful Yoga Shala. Sound Meditation has been scientifically proven to help you relax, meditate, and promote self-inquiry and discovery. Whilst being supported by different sounds created by certain instruments like the Gong, research has shown that the vibrational effects of the binaural beats affect the natural brain waves of Theta, Delta and Alpha. Each brain wave variation had a differing degree of activity, alertness, and consciousness in the brain. Sound Healing, therefore, is an immensely powerful way for guests to drop into a meditative state or altered state of consciousness with the hold and support of the sound, knowing that the vibrations are doing good to their body and brain. Sound meditation helps with reducing tension, anxiety, stress and can promote spiritual well-being.

Nature Immersion

Whilst on retreat, your days are completely immersed in the beauty of the Sri Lankan natural surroundings at Sen Wellness. This nature immersion allows your mind to tune in to the awe-inspiring gifts that Gaia has to offer. By allowing yourself to be completely free with the natural elements, you can permit yourself to meditate on the abundance of life, natural beauty, and gifts of life. This is the ultimate form of gratitude for life and existence, letting nature remind you of what really matters and how to invite total, unconditional love and acceptance into our lives.

Pranayama (Breathwork) Techniques

Our international team of yoga teachers are highly experienced in incorporating yoga breathwork meditation known as Pranayama into your daily yoga routine at The Sanctuary. This form of breathwork includes methods such a Ujjayi Breath, also known as Victorious Breath, a yoga breathwork meditation used to promote relaxation. It is a popular technique often used to calm anxiety and racing thoughts. Humming bee breath, also known as bhramari, is an exercise that makes use of humming. Like many others, this technique is great for promoting relaxation, especially in those who are anxious or need help falling asleep. It can also be effective at improving mood and helping soothe physical ailments. These are just two examples of effective Pranayama techniques promoted in yoga and the benefits of how breathwork can be a valuable tool for your life and your meditation practice.

Top 3 Benefits of a Meditation Retreat

1.  Step outside of your comfort zone as you face the challenges we often neglect in our everyday lives: fears, insecurities, and unhealed scars. This is the time to let them go and set yourself free.

2. Experience an ultimate sense of peace, silence, and tranquillity. One that you will learn to carry on with you in your daily routine after the retreat.

3. Feel liberated from the responsibilities of cooking, cleaning, or planning. All of which are taken care of by us. You are granted the space to focus on yourself – mind, body, and soul.

meditation Retreat Sri Lanka, Meditation Retreat in Sri Lanka – All Inclusive

Sen Wellness Sanctuary - Award-Winning Meditation Retreat Centre in Sri Lanka

meditation Retreat Sri Lanka, Meditation Retreat in Sri Lanka – All Inclusive
Sen Wellness Sanctuary

Sen Wellness Sanctuary is an Award-Winning Meditation Retreat Centre in Sri Lanka all year round. The benefits of your stay are that we incorporate all modalities of holistic health care into your retreat. During your stay, you can enjoy experienced yoga teachers who teach all forms of yoga including yin yoga, meditation, sound healing, Ayurvedic treatments, massage, and weight-loss detox.

Signature Retreats
During our quarter-annual Signature retreats held by our founder Sam Kankanamge, we give emphasis to Meditation by giving space for silence, breathing techniques and guided meditation throughout the retreat program.

Bespoke Retreats 
Whether you are new to meditation or not, our Bespoke Retreats run all year round and hold space for your emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental needs. We invite you to a weekly meditation and Sound Healing session with our Buddhist Monk, who can also assist you with your personal growth and help you discover ways in which you can integrate Buddhist meditation into your everyday life.

meditation Retreat Sri Lanka, Meditation Retreat in Sri Lanka – All Inclusive
Yoga and Meditation Classes
meditation Retreat Sri Lanka, Meditation Retreat in Sri Lanka – All Inclusive
Ayurveda Treatments
Excellent4.8Based on 153 reviews from meditation Retreat Sri Lanka, Meditation Retreat in Sri Lanka – All InclusiveRoberta G1686133352 ★★★★★ My experience at the sanctuary was out of this world - I booked online & I didn’t know how my husband and I would have found it, but the experience definitely outweighed my expectations. It is a dream location with Km’s of secluded beach and fabulous cabins. The food is all vegan and honestly outstanding and very varied. We did not miss having meat at all, they even had fish twice but only because it was a fresh catch. The treatments are also fantastic. I was on the verge of a burnout when I went to Sen Wellness and honestly came back feeling like a human again. So much so that I still think about the little moments and my husband and I have decided to go again next year. We can’t imagine our March trip to be the last one to this magical place.meditation Retreat Sri Lanka, Meditation Retreat in Sri Lanka – All InclusiveLozzy E.1682569521 ★★★★★ Fantastic retreat, I loved the personalized approach a lot of other retreats do not provide this you really do feel part of a family. The staff were so attentive and relaxed even the way they cleaned around you was relaxing! I enjoyed all the treatments I would just warn that you will be asked to remove underwear for some massages and steam baths for me I felt a little uncomfortable being massaged naked and couldn’t fully relax. You can tell this to the doctor prior to them scheduling treatments. The food was so delicious I enjoyed everything I ate in the 5 days I was there. There were yoga sessions twice daily however I would say they are definitely meditation/breathing workshops. It would have been nice to do some active yoga to get the body moving but still enjoyed the breathing and gong baths. I would advise if you struggle with the heat to upgrade to a cabana with AC as the rooms were so so hot! I did so much research on retreats in Sri Lanka and I’m 100% certain this is the best for a wellness retreat/spa. It showed me a new way of looking after my body with sleep and nourishing food Thank you!!!meditation Retreat Sri Lanka, Meditation Retreat in Sri Lanka – All InclusiveChant Breathe D.1681728031 ★★★★★ This is a rare jewel of a place. Nestling in forest, beside a sacred stretch of protected ocean, where endangered turtles ay their eggs and give birth. Just to witness this alone is a life changing experience. Everything about Sen gently lulls you into your heart, tensions melt away, with incredible organic food, camaraderie of other like minded souls there to relax and heal, and a smiling staff who genuinely care about your well-being. I was fortunate enough to spend some time with the co founders, even the story of how this stunning yet simple structure came into being, exudes love, heart and above e all vision and bravery. In a corporate, unfeeling world gone mad, intent on destroying all life on our planet, this place offers a glimpse of hope. Where kindness is the currency and healing and transformation the aim above all else. World class yoga, breathing, Ayurveda, and if you are lucky enough a treatment or tow with sam the co founder. This is something not to be missed. Just go there and see for yourself how it revitalises and offers a new perspective on life. now that is something that money cannot buy.meditation Retreat Sri Lanka, Meditation Retreat in Sri Lanka – All Inclusiveshanto M.1676691662 ★★★★★ I recently stayed at San Wellness Sanctuary in Sri Lanka for nine days to treat my long COVID brain fog and shortness of breath. Overall, my experience at the sanctuary was excellent. The staff and people there were incredibly welcoming and made me feel at home right away. The food was also fantastic - I looked forward to every meal.While I didn't see much improvement in my long COVID symptoms after the treatments, I still greatly appreciate the care and attention I received. The treatments themselves were great, and I felt like the practitioners really knew what they were doing.Overall, I would highly recommend San Wellness Sanctuary to anyone looking for a peaceful and rejuvenating retreat. The location is beautiful, the facilities are top-notch, and the staff is truly exceptional. Thank you for a wonderful stay.meditation Retreat Sri Lanka, Meditation Retreat in Sri Lanka – All InclusiveAnkur K.1675708913 ★★★★★ Having known Sam for a few years, I finally made my way to the Sen Wellness Sanctuary in Sri Lanka in Jan 2023. And what an experience it has been. Words (and pictures) will never do justice to the care, warmth, generosity, expertise and the beauty of the 9 days I spent at the Sanctuary.Whether it was the morning wake up with a gentle and persistent "Good morning, Sir" at 5.30 and a hot cup of cardamom tea being held outside my room (till one got out of bed and opened the door), the morning yoga sessions (for the first time I was able to drop into that practice), the pre-breakfast walk to (a good little work out too!) and dip in the rock pool or a gentle raft-ride along the mangrove lagoon, the Ayurvedic doctor customising a daily treatment plan which included 3+ treatments a day, the early evening meditation (or sound healing or Breathwork) sessions, the ceremonies, an opportunity to be with the Reverend Monk or the little mini-excursions they organised, was all really special. Add to this the delicious and locally sourced food, the incredible team, the small community where we ate and checked-in together and the beautiful sanctuary itself and their cabanas. All that one needed was to be embedded in nature, and on the luscious beach, a protected turtle sanctuary (with an opportunity to see the turtle come out and lay eggs!) - which I enjoyed too.I have come back refreshed, rejuvenated and excited to enjoy what 2023 has in store. I will certainly be heading back - perhaps this time also to their sister Forest Retreat center in addition to the Sanctuary. Thank you Sam, Sudheera and the kind, generous and capable team at Sen Wellness.PS: Their selection of reading materials while lazily lounging waiting for the "next" treatment, was a treat and Sam's clinic in London, has been a real blessing and gift too!meditation Retreat Sri Lanka, Meditation Retreat in Sri Lanka – All InclusiveAnn1674755619 ★★★★★ Staying at the Sen Wellness Retreat in Sri Lanka was one of my best experiences from the moment I entered the retreat I was enveloped in all the warmth and love you could possibly wish for. The delicious food, Ayurvedic treatments, relaxing on the comfortable furnishings in the common areas and the well appointed bedrooms. The thrill of enjoying the sunrise while doing kundalini yoga on the golden sand where the turtles had struggled up the beach the night before to lay their eggs. Sunset yoga, meditation and sitting around the fire chatting to my new family is unforgettable - I am planning on returning in November!! A pool would be lovely - Sam had best start digging!!!!meditation Retreat Sri Lanka, Meditation Retreat in Sri Lanka – All InclusiveChristina B.1673532599 ★★★★★ Thanks to Sen Wellness I'm starting my year completely refreshed from the inside out. It's the most beautiful, serene, welcoming place located between the sea and a lagoon. The team has gone over and beyond looking after every single guest with individual treatment plans and always being around to support. Not to mention the amazing food.. I've only stayed 6 days and would have loved to have some extra days. Can only recommend it and hope to be back again!meditation Retreat Sri Lanka, Meditation Retreat in Sri Lanka – All InclusiveArjuna D.1669316730 ★★★★★ Whether you are looking to take a break from the busyness of life, a complete overhaul of the mind, body and soul or just a place to completely relax and get a good sleep, look no further. You have the ability and opportunity to completely unplug here with no outside distractions. Completely rest and rejuvenate at this very private location with super comfortable beds, nutritious food, amazing daily Ayurvedic therapies and supportive staff. It is called a sanctuary for a reason. The only distraction may be your minds addictive behaviors, for most the rabbit hole of the internet. With the limited wifi, you can turn off your phone for your entire stay or limit it to an hour a day. Then you may get to discover what truly makes you happy from within.My partner, Jamie, and I worked here for 3 months as therapists, yoga teachers and hosts. We fell in love with the place and the staff, we now call friends, that we would often here laughing while they worked. Something that we have discovered working at other retreat centers was not the case.We also noticed the pure synchronicity and harmony of the individual guests who showed up. Most of them became, not only friends with each other, but the perfect support persons in their transformative processes and I'm sure many will stay in touch for years to come.Please consider staying here to not only find your light but to turn it up so bright so you can be a lighthouse onto everyone around you. This world needs more light-bearers.Last but not least when considering how long to stay we noticed guests who stayed for less than 7 days felt their time was cut short and were only starting to get into a rhythm. Those who stayed for 2 weeks or longer were completely transformed and were literally floating by the time they left.Jamie and I look forward to coming back, for our own wellness and to support others in finding theirs. OM.meditation Retreat Sri Lanka, Meditation Retreat in Sri Lanka – All InclusiveLamees A.1669015832 ★★★★☆ My sister and I went to Sen Wellness Santuary in November 2022. The experience was far more than we expected. The Ayuverdic treatments were so rejuvenating, the food was delicious, plant basic and organic, the morning breathing, meditation and yoga were just what we needed to kick start the day with the right intention and mindset. Also, the community connection is better than any other wellness place I have been to. The location of the sanctuary is between a forest, a lake, and the ocean, so you get the best of the 2 worlds. Highly recommended should you want to slow down from your busy schedule, connect with yourself and renergise 😀meditation Retreat Sri Lanka, Meditation Retreat in Sri Lanka – All InclusiveJonathan Z. L.1666709855 ★★★★★ What an incredible, transformative week at Sen Wellness. A beautiful coccoon for the soul, in such a beautiful location. It's hard to describe what happens here, with the great yoga sessions, personalized Ayurvedic treatments, workshops, meditations, ceremonies, and mindful just all works together to provide a healing experience, one which expands the mind and heart, and gives the soul room to breathe. Stress lines and wrinkles noticeably vanished from everyone's faces over a few days, bodies began to unfold and stand strong once more, and smiles continued to grow day after day. Everyone at the center was incredibly kind and attentive, and it was a joy every morning to greet them. Madhu at the main desk was a ray of sunshine, Dr Harnika radiated peace and warmth, and all the therapists and kitchen staff took such good care of us. A very special thank you to our yoga teacher (and SO much more) Jamie, who helped to create a safe and nurturing space while helping us to free our bodies and minds. She is an exceptional guide, and a powerful beam of light, helping strangers from all over the world turn into a supportive community. And such deep gratitude for Arjuna who has what can only be described as the most healing hands, who helped me work through my chronic pain of 10+ years in such an intuitive manner - I'm still speechless!!Thank you so much Sen for helping so many people in deeply personal ways. 🙏meditation Retreat Sri Lanka, Meditation Retreat in Sri Lanka – All InclusiveManuela C.1666709641 ★★★★★ Thank you Sen Wellness for providing an outstanding stay for Jon and myself. It really felt like a warm cocoon, a safe space to be guided towards our essence, to feel nurtured, grounded, healthy, and to be allowed to just be. The yoga was very integrative to all levels, and Jamie helped us understand and integrate the true meaning of yoga beyond the classes. The ceremonies led by Jamie and Arjuna were so great and genuine heart openers for people from all walks of life. Arjuna’s massages were out of this world, and with a lot of love.Beyond this, the whole staff was incredibly friendly - every single one of them.Madhu’s smile simply unforgettable. Best wishes and we will hopefully be back very soon!!meditation Retreat Sri Lanka, Meditation Retreat in Sri Lanka – All InclusivePaula Alves S.1666266161 ★★★★★ I did not write a comment immediately after my retreat because I was looking for the perfect words to describe the beautiful and deep experience I lived at Sen Wellness Sanctuary. You might choose this place because you feel in a certain way but independently of the cause that might bring you there the truth is that you will leave with a clear, light and peaceful body and soul. At Sen Wellness Sanctuary I felt that everyone works towards making that space a home away from your home. The kindness and perfectionism that the staff provides is rare to find. By investing in Sen Wellness Sanctuary you are also investing in the community. The owner's philosophy of making the staff a priority really made the difference for me.The beautiful classes and ceremonies provided by Jamie Sol are undoubtedly memorable. I felt an immediate connection with the teachers and there are lessons that I for sure won't forget. Starting from the interior to the exterior, all Ayurvedic treatments brought me the feeling of floating. I felt many times that I was reborn over and over again. And I can not end this review without mentioning the unity created in the space between its architecture and nature to really create a unity between the all. I left with a tight heart because I really felt at home. The morning tee watching the sunrise from the cabana, the long walks between the empty beach and the immense lagoon, yoga while the sun goes up, the delicious (really delicious) food, the laughs, the sound of birds and monkeys playing around, the chat and meditation with the monk, the sky filled with stars, the reading by the pool, the long conversations, the sunbath by the stairs while waiting for treatments. The many many smiles. Oh I could go back in a glimpse.meditation Retreat Sri Lanka, Meditation Retreat in Sri Lanka – All InclusiveBożena T.1666107938 ★★★★★ I had a wonderful stay at Sen Wellness Sanctuary. I was traveling solo and honestly this retreat was more than I thought I ever needed. Everything - from facilities, food, treatments was just great. You can feel this amazing hospitality from the moment you step through their gates.What is important to mention - I am on a strict gluten free diet and the kitchen staff took every effort to accommodate my dietary requirements. They even made a special GF cake for my birthday!Big shoutout to Jamie and Arjuna - such a lovely teachers and mentors - I have learned so much from them about yoga, meditation, energy healing and more.To the whole staff (and especially the ones I was not able to say goodbye to) - thank you from the bottom of my heart. People are the ones who make places special and you were all so incredible and kind. I received so much love and care when celebrating my birthday there - something I will cherish forever.Everything was organized with lots of care. My transfer from and to the airport was very smooth. The area is very safe and honestly I can't recommend the retreat enough.meditation Retreat Sri Lanka, Meditation Retreat in Sri Lanka – All InclusiveGerti van L.1665931293 ★★★★★ My retreat at Sen Wellness Sanctuary was exactly what I needed after 2,5 years Covid with full time home working. I was tired, both mentally and physically. As I wanted to completely disconnect from my day to day life, I chose for the 14 day package. It was the best thing I did to recover from these 2,5 years.The staff at Sen Wellness is very friendly and welcoming, from yoga teachers to the kitchen staff and therapists. I had an excellent yoga teacher Jamie, who also guided the ceremonies. We did a fire ceremony, water ceremony and a new moon ceremony. The new moon ceremony was very special. It was like Jamie sensed what I needed. Movement, dance, energy, joy, life! Perfect!The food was excellent, every meal a great variety of dishes. Even the few days that I had the luxury to be the only guest, I had at least 7 dishes for lunch and dinner.I loved the treatments, my favorite was the shirodhara. This oil treatment you have to experience. Words cannot express this experience, you float, lose track of time and space. And let's not forget the joint treatment, loosening your whole body.The yoga classes went beyond the physical postures. There was a lot of attention for both body and soul, with breathing exercises and meditation. And let’s not forget joy. The last day we went at sun rise to the beach to take pictures of my achievement. It was not about the achievement, it was about the joy of life we shared together.A retreat at Sen Wellness is a treat and transformation for body and soul.meditation Retreat Sri Lanka, Meditation Retreat in Sri Lanka – All InclusiveSonia C.1662920418 ★★★★★ I attended to summer retreat and this center offered me so much more than I expected. First of all, I was not sure at all of travelling to Sri Lanka from Canada, but all is good, you can travel with no fear, it was a perfect experience, from beginning to end.I have been taking care of from the most caring, knowledgeable, open hearted, and wonderful people that have made my journey at the center a exceptionnel experience.You can trust, that this center will bring you what you need, at the perfect timing in your life.meditation Retreat Sri Lanka, Meditation Retreat in Sri Lanka – All Inclusive

The Final Word

Our holistic approach to meditation at Sen Wellness is intended to replenish and nourish every aspect of your soul existence and help you break down your internal boundaries to find inner acceptance, peace, and connection. We have taken great consideration in creating a safe, held space for you to explore a deeper part of yourself alongside a team of specialists who can guide you through these Meditation practices softly and intuitively. 

With so many powerful ways to enhance your connection to meditation, our approach allows you to decide which one works best for you, whether its Silent Meditation, Sound Healing, Breathwork or Nature Immersion, The Sanctuary can provide you with everything you can expect to find at a Meditation retreat in Sri Lanka.