Long Covid Treatment

Our 12-day Long Covid Retreat Recovery Programme goes beyond a traditional medical experience. Our goal is to go further, to address the trauma and stress associated with COVID-19 and social isolation. Not merely addressing physical symptoms, our intention is also to provide you with emotional support and to introduce long-term lifestyle changes upon returning from the programme.

Rooted in ancient Ayurvedic practices, the main focus of the treatment will be Panchakarma, an ancient healing modality that is rooted in Ayurvedic principles and science. Panchakarma is the Sanskrit term that means ‘five actions’ or ‘five treatments’. It is a system that is used to balance Tridosha, rid the body of toxins, and beyond. Normally, the body can efficiently process and remove these waste materials, including the vitiated doshas. However, due to one’s bad habits, repeated dietary indiscretions or poor exercise patterns, the metabolic system and hormones can become disorganised. This can lead to the accumulation and spread of toxins and create diseases (This is called “AMA”).

The radical elimination that takes place during Panchakarma works as an effective method of healing for those suffering from Long Covid. The treatments make way for the release of toxins and micro-clotting and reduce inflammation on both micro and macro levels and much more. Panchakarma acts as a trigger for the autonomic nervous system to reset. During this phase, your nervous system will exit from a state of “fight or flight” and restore your nervous system to a state of equilibrium. 

In collaboration with our research partners at the University of Humboldt in Berlin, we have created a bespoke mindfulness program that will be used as a complementary modality to your healing.  By the end of this personalised 12-day programme set in idyllic surroundings, your mind and body will feel balanced and restored.

Table of Contents

Long Covid 12-day Recovery Programme

Day 1-3: Preparatory Procedure (Purva Karma)

When guests arrive at the Sanctuary, they will undergo an in-depth consultation with our resident Ayurvedic doctor. The first stage, Purvakarma, is the preparatory process. During this stage, treatments include physical oil treatment, herbal fermentation and herbal steam. These treatments target areas including the neck, shoulder, abdomen and organ systems. This combination of modalities fosters drainage and encourages toxin release from internal organ systems, specifically the liver, gallbladder, and intestinal tissues.

Long Covid Recovery- 12-day Programme

Day 4-7: Operative Procedure (Pradana Karma)

Long Covid Recovery- 12-day Programme

During these days you will be guided through Pradhan Karma consisting of five-fold measures:

  • Vamana: Vamana means to induce vomiting. Acting as a bio-cleansing measure, this stage encourages accumulated toxins in the upper gastrointestinal tract to release. Focusing on the Kapha Dosha.
  • Virechana: In this procedure elimination through the anal route takes place. Focusing on the Pitta Dosha.
  • Nasya: Medicine is administered through the nostrils. Nasya is indicated to relieve dosha of the head and neck causing aggravation.
  • Vasthi: In this procedure, medicines are suspended through the rectum or genitourinary tract. This is the most important and remedial procedure.
  • Raktamokshana: This therapy is an effective blood purification therapy, in which carefully controlled quantities of impure blood are removed to neutralise accumulated toxins.

Day 8-10: Post-Operative Procedure (Pashchath Karma)

The final stage of Panchakarma is focused on rehabilitation and rest. During this time you will rest and allow your body to enter a new state of health. Diet, rest, rejuvenation therapy and lifestyle modifications are prescribed to prevent the recurrence of Covid.

Long Covid Recovery- 12-day Programme
Long Covid Recovery- 12-day Programme

Day 10-12: Reflective Process

The final days of your journey will be characterised by a reflective process that seeks to answer the question above. During this time we will emphasise emotion and mental wellbeing, focusing on lifestyle changes and reflecting on a much deeper understanding of the Covid experience.

Sen’s experience in treating Long Covid patients for the last 18 months revealed an immense amount of emotional trauma and stress due to isolation. The programme is designed to not only address physical symptoms but dive into emotional symptoms and offer the necessary support and tools to continue on a new path of well-being.

More Benefits of Panchakarma

  • It removes the excess doshas and corrects the imbalance of Tridosha.
  • It cleans the body of toxic materials left by disease,  poor nutrition, and environmental toxins.
  • It maintains mental and physical hygiene and balance.
  • Panchakarma eliminates toxins from your body and mind
  • It improves your health and wellness
  • It strengthens your immune system
  • Panchakarma slows down your ageing process 
  • It enhances your strength, energy, and mental clarity
  • It helps you to relax deeply
  • Panchakarma cleanses your body entirely
  • It opens blocked channels in the body.
  • It improves the strength of your digestive juices.
  • Panchakarma rejuvenates your tissues and helps you lose weight.
Long Covid Recovery- 12-day Programme
Sen Wellness Sanctuary

Complementary Healing Modalities

  • 1-1 Yoga and Meditation: These practices will focus on physical + mental strength and clarity. They will also build confidence and trust themselves.
  • 1-1 with our Resident Buddhist Priest: This is an opportunity for those who seek to deepen their spiritual practice. 
  • 1-1 with our Resident Acupuncturist: Harnessing the power of Chinese Medicine, our resident acupuncturist will conduct personalised sessions through your programme.
  • Osteopathy: Energy medicine. This treatment will focus on balancing the autonomic nervous system and neutralising sympathetic tone. Osteopathy allows the release of stress, inflammation, and brain fog.
  • Breath Work with our Breath Practitioner: An effective way of improving respiratory function.  Our Breath Practitioner will teach our guests skills in breathwork to help reset the sympathetic and parasympathetic tone.
  • Natural Elements: The Sanctuary is set in an incredibly healing setting in the middle of a nature reserve and between a mangrove forest. Both Rekawa Beach and the lagoon where our Sanctuary sits offer natural healing elements that are rarely found in today’s world.

The Final Word

Our Long Covid Retreat Recovery Programme goes beyond a traditional medical experience. Much care has been forethought into the design of this programme to give you the necessary tools to continue on a new path of well-being. For more information on our Long Covid Recovery Programme, you can get in touch at 020 7486 3373 or email us at [email protected].

Excellent4.8Based on 169 reviews from Long Covid Recovery- 12-day ProgrammeElisa B.1701430042 ★★★★★ I just came back after spending a week at Sen Wellness, and the experience was above my expectations.The location is beautiful, immerse in nature and with an amazing beach available.Yoga and meditation classes vary every day, and I can say I learnt so much.The main feedback I’d like to leave is about the team: all of them did everything in their power to make us guests happy, they personally cared about our wellbeing.I can say I came back relaxed, but also changed and nourished internally, I’m looking at problems with a different perspective.I am already planning to be back!Long Covid Recovery- 12-day ProgrammePia S.1697801887 ★★★★★ All I could have asked for in an Ayurveda retreat. Beautiful place and nature, with lovely people and a lot of thought and intention in the programs.Long Covid Recovery- 12-day ProgrammeRichard S1697016861 ★★★★★ hat an incredible place and lovely team and special stay. Situated between the beach and the lagoon you are surrounded by wildlife and feel completely isolated from the outside world. The treatments, food and yoga/meditation work together to ensure an incredibly restorative and nourishing stay. Ten days seemed a good length of time to stay to maximise the benefits.Thank you to all the team at Sen for a magical stayLong Covid Recovery- 12-day ProgrammeMithi T.1694508202 ★★★★★ Heaven on earth. A must-visit if you wish to disconnect and self-connect.Long Covid Recovery- 12-day ProgrammeIrene Boñal B.1693817075 ★★★★★ I came for the second time to this place and it can never disappoint… a truly healing place where you can connect with yourself and with others. I have met some amazing people here both times I have come. The staff really care and worry about you. Thank you ♥️ the first time’s review (last year’s) is just below which still applies.Mind-blowing experience. I am so happy I came to this place - I was planning for 5 days and stayed 10! All the team made me feel like home since I arrived. The kitchen staff are super nice and the food is amazing and healthy! The doctor and masseurs listened to me and gave me a therapy adapted to my needs from the very first day. The doctor, managers and reception were also always there for everything I needed. The yoga teachers are amazing healers that guided me through my journey in the sanctuary and for my home. I know I’ll apply their yoga and spiritual teachings in mind for my daily life. On top of that, a monk comes every week to have a 1-to-1 session with you. Personally, this was a very productive session for me!Moreover, the mini pool in the beach has an amazing sunshine - I’d recommend everyone to go one morning when in here!Amazing place to reconnect with myself which is what I was looking for. I’ll definitely come back😊Long Covid Recovery- 12-day ProgrammeElaine L.1693770775 ★★★★★ The most nourishing, relaxing and healing week I have ever experienced in the most beautiful setting!! 7-day Ayurvedic and Yoga retreat left me feeling like a new person. I will definitely be returning.Long Covid Recovery- 12-day ProgrammeJill L.1693328040 ★★★★★ My two trips to the Sanctuary were equally special. Both were in January, one in 2016 and then again in 2020. It was a perfect way to start the year. The sheer beauty of this part of Sri Lanka is restorative in itself, but when coupled with the luxury and care of the Sanctuary, it becomes a deeply healing experience. I will go back again as soon as I can.Long Covid Recovery- 12-day ProgrammeDi S.1693132092 ★★★★★ I arrived exhausted and frazzled from a flight that had lost my bag in transit with the clothes I left London in and raging sinuses from the plane's insanely fierce aircon. Within days the sinus infection was healed with Ayurveda. This was the start of a 10 day healing journey that was pure magic. I stayed in an eco cabana - bed super comfy! - waking up to amazing birdsong. The nature here is lush (bring your mozzie spray!) , the complex open and airy, the food delicious (mainly veggie). Everyone on the team - from the Ayurvedic doctors and practitioners, the amazing manager, the chef and his crew, the yoga teachers to the boys who do the cleaning know what they're doing and radiate positive energy. Days are structured but the vibe is relaxed, open and easy. The Cacao ceremony was amazing. The Fire ceremony also. I'd go back in a heartbeat.Long Covid Recovery- 12-day ProgrammeEmma C.1692720436 ★★★★★ I came to the sanctuary at a difficult time for me personally. I came home feeling mentally and physically restored. It was just the tonic for me.The sanctuary is set in a beautiful and peaceful location, a stone’s throw from the sea and never-ending empty beaches.I loved the daily yoga sessions - I had a brilliant teacher the week I was there - which has an open front so we often saw monkeys swinging by.But it were the Ayurvedic treatments and meals, made with fresh local produce, that were out of this world.The communal dining is such a great idea, particularly if you come on your own like I did. And the sanctuary is run by a fantastic and caring team who went out of their way to make my experience truly unforgettable.I really do hope to return again one day.Long Covid Recovery- 12-day ProgrammeStephanie U1692379552 ★★★★★ Sen Wellness is really a Sanctuary where you can really connect back to you, your body and nature. The 10 days Spring Retreat was so fantastic, the breathing, moving and the food was always great. The location is far off from everything and you pretty much have the beach to yourself. All the animals like baby turtles, monkeys, squirrels, peacocks combined with nature was just magical. Also all the staff took great care of everyone induvidually. I will definitly be back!!Long Covid Recovery- 12-day ProgrammeLara Y1692369607 ★★★★★ My husband and I stayed at Sen Wellness Retreat for 11 days in February 2023. We highly recommend Sen Wellness. It is not a resort, it’s a true retreat. Our stay was an absolute dream come true. From the moment we passed through the gate, took our shoes off, and set our feet on the grounds, we found ourselves in a serene atmosphere that washed away all the stress and worries of everyday life. It was an absolute peaceful heaven with calming sounds of the ocean and nature. We stayed in eco-cabana. The blend of natural materials and elements with simple but modern amenities created a perfect balance between rustic charm and contemporary luxury. The room was daily cleaned and had everything we needed for our stay. After meeting with doctor on the first day, our Ayurvedic treatments were tailored to our individual needs, and they were the best part of the experience. Our yoga teacher Thilini was local and made our yoga sessions very meaningful, connecting our body and mind. We still do yoga with her over Zoom ever since we returned home. In a week, we had a new teacher Megan coming. She wasn’t local but she had an extensive knowledge about Ayurveda, local culture and she was great too. The people we had a pleasure of meeting during stay were from all over the world and truly exceptional. The best part was having all meals together around the table and having conversations. Every meal was a delightful journey of flavors and nourishment. The food had many varieties and left us both satisfied and intrigued to try more. Thilini explained to us each food ingredients and shared many stories and information about the local culture. She even took us to the beach late at night for stars gazing and listening to the sounds of the ocean. The staff was very caring, attentive, and tried to provide the best service. By the time we had to leave, we felt so much genuine care and felt like a part of a close-knit community. After returning home, I had a question about medicine for the doctor. Davia sent my question to Dr. Harnika and she replied to me. We left retreat feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, deeply relaxed, and with determination to change our lifestyle.Long Covid Recovery- 12-day ProgrammeRahela R.1691383170 ★★★★★ My time at SEN Wellness Sanctuary for the Ayurvedic retreat was an incredibly relaxing experience. The immersion in pure nature, the sights and sounds of flora and fauna wildlife, and the rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatments made it a standout wellness sanctuary worldwide. Daily yoga and meditation sessions, as well as a meeting with a monk, added a spiritual dimension. The wholesome meals were a delight, and the romantic boat ride they arranged for our wedding anniversary was unforgettable. The staff's warmth and dedication created a peaceful, welcoming atmosphere that truly fostered a deep connection with nature. The private beach felt like a personal paradise, offering an exclusive bond with the ocean and sand. My stay at SEN Wellness Sanctuary was truly transformative.Long Covid Recovery- 12-day ProgrammeGhurair S.1691373696 ★★★★★ Our time at SEN Wellness Sanctuary was like discovering a whole new world during the Ayurvedic retreat. Every second felt like a soothing melody of relaxation and refreshment for both of us. Being surrounded by untouched nature was like a dream, with all sorts of plants and animals creating a calming atmosphere. The Ayurvedic treatments were like magic, making this place stand out as one of the best wellness spots globally.Each day, we got to do calming yoga and meditation. We even met a monk, which was pretty cool and added a special vibe to our days. The food was delicious and healthy, giving us energy and making us smile. The cherry on top was a romantic boat ride on our anniversary, showing how much they cared about our happiness.The staff was incredibly friendly and worked hard to make the place feel like a peaceful escape. It was like they understood how much we needed to connect with nature. The private beach felt like our own little paradise, where the waves and sand seemed to give us their full attention.And guess what? We're already planning our next visit to SEN Wellness Sanctuary. Our stay changed us in a big way. It felt like we were woven into a beautiful story that mixed nature's beauty, calming activities, and friendly vibes. This experience is something we'll always remember and it inspires us to bring more harmony and renewal into our lives.Long Covid Recovery- 12-day ProgrammeKristine S.1691073416 ★★★★★ I was looking to fill my cup with good energy and that’s exactly what I got from Sen Wellness. Highlights for me were the delicious healthy food, the setting surrounded by nature and a protected nesting-turtle beach, the soothing Ayurvedic treatments and the daily yoga/ meditation sessions in peaceful settings or gentle dips in the seaside pool. The staff are superb, treating you like family in their lovely home. The cabanas were super comfortable and had everything I needed. Bring lots of insect repellent, camera storage for all the baby turtles you might witness, and a positive attitude and you’re golden. Worth the three-hour trip from Colombo!Long Covid Recovery- 12-day ProgrammeShamail S.1691069614 ★★★★★ Amazing place! Location with the beach on one side, a lake on the other and dense green in between is spectacular. The inclusive meals, daily ayurvedic treatments, and highly attentive staff make this place extraordinary. Looking forward to going back.Long Covid Recovery- 12-day Programme