Stay with Us

A personalised experience

We recognise that all guests visit the Sanctuary for different reasons. We work with you to understand your specific needs so we can provide the best possible support on your journey here with us. The Sanctuary was purposefully designed to be a small 14 room retreat centre so that we are able to focus on each individual and provide tailored programmes and expert care.

Whether you are seeking a break from a hectic lifestyle, in need of healing, at a crossroads, feeling stressed out or disconnected, you are welcome here. Whether you are looking for a new direction, time to get away from it all and take stock, wanting to make changes in your life, achieve specific health goals, connect with like-minded people, you are welcome here. Whether you are travelling solo, in a couple or with friends, you are welcome here. We see each guest as a gift and we look forward to serving you in the best way we can.

Included in your stay:

  • Full board
  • Consultation with our Resident Ayurvedic Doctor and daily Ayurvedic treatments according to your body type, on average three treatments a day totalling approximately 90 minutes
  • Twice daily yoga and/or meditation, lasting up to 90 minutes per session
  • Weekly meditation classes led by a Buddhist Monk or Nun.
  • Opportunity for daily local excursions; rock pool swimming, lagoon boat rides, visiting the local market
  • Unlimited filtered water, herbal tea, and king coconuts.