Our Story

A dream 25 years in the making

In 2007, Sam Kankanamge, Osteopath and Acupuncturist, founded the Sen Wellness Clinic in London’s renowned medical district of Harley Street. The clinic soon became an established holistic healthcare centre, and to date continues to offer osteopathy, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, community events and retreats in the UK and Europe.

Sam was aged 18 when he left his Sri Lankan homeland for the UK. After several decades of successful practice treating patients in London, he began to dream of expanding this work to support people in an even deeper way. His vision was to return to the lush nature and Ayurvedic traditions of his birthplace in southern Sri Lanka and build a sanctuary: a special haven of healing, nourishment and growth for all those who visit, including the local community.

Together with the help of his brother, Sudheera, Sam’s vision became a reality and the Sen Wellness Sanctuary proudly opened its doors in December 2014. With an extraordinary team, they translate their combined health and hospitality know-how into Sen Wellness Sanctuary’s life-enhancing retreats.

“In our fast-paced, technological world, many of us are living in a state of disconnection, lost in the mind and out of touch with our body and spirit as well as the extended network of which we are a part: plants, animals and nature. This disharmony creates dis-ease and there is a great need for healing this separation. It was my vision to create a nurturing environment in the heart of nature where people are supported to reconnect with all aspects of their being and experience the joy and fulfilment that comes from expanding into their full potential” – Sam Kankanamge, Sen Wellness Founder