Our Ethos

We believe you deserve to thrive in life; to be happy, healthy and fulfilled

When you expand into the fullest expression of who you truly are, bringing forth the unique gifts you have within, this is the greatest offering you can share with others and with the world. You become a candle: people see the light shining in you and it awakens the light in them, creating a ripple effect that spreads across continents and generations.

We have created a special place where you can rest and recalibrate, heal and nourish, awaken and flourish: a place which draws you into your heart and connects you with your innermost being, allowing your true nature to unfold. We are deeply committed to supporting each and every guest on their individual journey of self-discovery and empowerment in health, happiness and evolution.

We believe in the power of human connection, of coming together to share, support, learn and grow. At the Sanctuary you will find guests from all over the world, including residents of Sri Lanka, as well as international yoga teachers and group facilitators alongside the local staff: it is a vibrant hub for interesting conversations, new friendships and creative connections. We aim to build community through our work; a global community that is defined by shared values rather than geography.

“The ultimate goal of Sen Wellness is for the individual to self-realise and make the necessary transformation to reach their inner potential. It is this pursuit that fulfils the purpose of the human form, bringing wellness and happiness to all.” Sam Kankanamge – Sen Wellness Founder