From a holistic healthcare clinic in London’s medical district of Harley Street to an authentic retreat centre rooted in Ayurvedic traditions in Southern Sri Lanka

The Sen Wellness Sanctuary is not a hotel, a spa resort, or a yoga centre. Sen is a commitment to ‘well-being’ in the fullest sense of the word. Here you begin your healing journey, drawing on the wisdom of Ayurveda, yoga, meditation and nourishing food, in a safe, heart-based space.

In 2007, Sam Kankanamge founded the Sen Wellness Clinic in London’s renowned medical district of Harley Street. Over the years, it evolved into an established holistic healthcare centre offering osteopathy, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, community events and retreats in the UK and Europe.

After several decades of successful practice treating patients in London, Sam began to dream of expanding this work to support people in an even deeper way. His vision was to return to the lush nature and Ayurvedic traditions of his birthplace in southern Sri Lanka and build a sanctuary dedicated to healing and nourishment. In December 2014, with the help of his brother Sudheera, the Sen Wellness Sanctuary opened its doors.

Enveloped by the outstanding beauty of the Rekawa Nature Reserve, we are a peaceful haven where you can rest, heal and flourish in the heart of nature.

Whether you are a solo traveller or exploring with your loved ones, Sen Wellness is home to many staff from the local community, who will take care of you like family. For female travellers, we offer a safe environment that you can trust, with highly trained female therapists to guide you through your journey. To all those who have been let down by modern medicine, or those seeking a deeper, more profound way of healing, our retreats offer a transformative experience to restore physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Since opening in 2014, we have welcomed guests from around the world and are deeply grateful to them for the trust placed in us. To witness your healing journeys and share in your transformational moments has empowered our commitment to ongoing growth and expansion. Whilst remaining rooted in time-honoured Ayurvedic traditions, our dedicated team embrace modern healing practices to provide you with a fully rounded, healing journey.