Ayurveda at the Sanctuary


In Sanskrit the word Ayurveda means 'knowledge of life' (ayur = life, veda = knowledge or science) and describes an ancient, holistic medical system which originated in India over 5,000 years ago, often referred to as the ‘Mother of all Healing.’ At the heart of the practice is the belief that health means harmony and comes from a delicate balance between body, mind, spirit and environment. Ayurveda views health as much more than the absence of disease, rather a state of vibrant wellbeing, where we tap into our innate vitality and capacity to thrive and experience joy in our lives.

Just as we all have our own unique fingerprint, we all also have our own individual constitution and this is made up of the three doshas or elemental base energies: Vata (air / ether), Pitta (fire / water) and Kapha (earth / water). All three doshas are present in each of us, but to varying degrees, and our own individual combination gives rise to our unique blend of physical, mental and emotional traits.

Each guest at the Sanctuary has a private consultation with our Resident Ayurvedic Doctor, and is then prescribed a comprehensive, personalised programme of treatments and herbal medicines depending on their individual constitution and any imbalances present. Our skillful Ayurvedic therapists are expertly trained to deliver a wide range of traditional treatments depending on your condition. In Ayurveda these therapies and supplements are designed to work in combination with a balanced diet, yoga and meditation: this is the holistic approach we offer at the Sanctuary, encouraging your whole being to come into balance and providing guidance on how to maintain this health and harmony over the long-term, according to your own individual constitution.


What a special place!! I had an unforgettable week at the sanctuary. Filled with relaxing treatments, friendly faces and the most nourishing food. Also loved the nearby rock pool and watching the turtles nest their eggs on the beach in the early mornings. Truly recommended!

Constanze Saemann

- February 2020

Overall was a great 2 weeks staying at Sen Wellness, where we reached the goals that were defined - clean the mind, loose weight and starting to get back in shape. We'll be back.

Rui & Claire

- December 2019

What an amazing experience. Everything was above and beyond- treatments, service, staff, hosts, doctors. I thoroughly enjoyed my 7 night stay in a private cabana with amazing meals. The excursions were great and everything flowed so well. I highly recommend if your just looking for a place to relax, if you have a health issue or stress to deal with. Thank you to Sen, I look forward to coming back again.

Madison Graham

- November 2019

Sen Wellness Sanctuary is a true oasis for wellness, relaxation, detox and a culinary heaven. We were pampered from check-in to check-out. The staff was always friendly, the treatments were amazing, the beds were so comfy and everything was very clean. The food was amazing: so tasty and fresh. I was looking forward to yoga on the beach or gong meditation daily as it was the best thing to start or end your day. I would recommend staying at least 7 - 10 days, since 5 days are waaaay to short. There is nothing that I didn't like about this place!

Mimi Harp

- December 2019

This was one of the most uplifting experiences of my life. Everyone was so kind and considerate, nothing was too much trouble. The team are so knowledgeable, catering for your own personal needs. The surroundings are idyllic and food great. I came away after a 12 day stayfeeling like a new woman, totally re-energised both physically and mentally. Just wonderful!!

Karen Lester

- January 2020

A stay in the Sanctuary was a wonderful experience in every respect (renewal for the body, mind and balance of emotions). For 10 days fantastic and professional people took care of us: Ayurveda treatments, delicious and healthy food, daily yoga and meditation. Fantastic yoga teachers (Kundalini, Yin and Vinyasa) and the wonderful Dr. Sam (bioenergy therapy, acupuncture). The area is ideal for retreatment (nature, peace and quiet). This is a place worth returning to - we will definitely be back next year, especially since we need to check how the mango trees planted by us on the lagoon grow

Paweł Bębenek

- November 2019