Types of Retreats

Retreats are the perfect place to escape and disconnect from the pressures of everyday life. They give you the chance to do something for yourself for a change, to dedicate time to doing something you love, to deepen your spirituality, and to learn new skills in a supportive and dedicated environment. If you are unsure about the type of retreats that we offer at Sen Wellness Sanctuary, please click on the below to discover more. 

, Types of Retreats

Ayurveda Retreat

Top 10 tips to consider when choosing an Ayurvedic Retreat

How to choose the Best Luxury Ayurveda Retreat?

What treatments can I expect in an Ayurveda retreat? Top 3 Benefits of an Ayurveda Retreat? Sen Wellness Sanctuary?
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, Types of Retreats

Yoga Retreat

The Insiders Secret

How to choose the right Yoga Retreat?

Learn about Yoga Retreats in Sri Lanka. What a typical schedule is like at a Sen Wellness Yoga Retreat?
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