TASCHEN – Salute the Sun in Flip-Flops

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Agreed, there are more exciting things than meditation, but that is only the opinion of people who have never meditated on Rekawa Beach in Sri Lanka. Under the gentle direction of Buddhist monks, it is simply easier to draw the senses inwards. Just when you think that you never want to cease doing Pratyahara, the Kundalini teachers await you in the airy yoga shala with a view of the wild greenery of the surrounding gardens.

You can have a Shirodhara (oil poured on the forehead) or one of the other luxurious Ayurvedic treatments that the well-known founder of the Sanctuary, the osteopath Sam Kankanamge, provides; or take a walk through the mangrove wood, accompanied by shy little monkeys; or have a consultation with one of the excellent Ayurvedic doctors, who attend to each and every problem, regardless of whether it is large or small.

But even if you do not suffer from insomnia, skin complaints or depression, here on the south coast of Sri Lanka you can relax wonderfully well. Even guests who otherwise cannot take their eyes off the Wall Street figures on their screen leave their smartphones in flight mode here and watch green turtles cautiously coming out of the sea to lay their eggs. At the end of a stay here, everyone takes off their flip-flops because, never mind dosha, after a delicious cocoa ceremony, transformed and refreshed, there is only one thing you want to do: dance.

Book to pack: “The Remains of Love” by Zeruya Shalev.


From TASCHEN’S Great Escapes Yoga: The Retreat Book (Pp. 61-63).

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