Does this sacred gland hold the secret to overcoming Covid-19?

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At Sen Wellness our mission is to enhance your wellbeing and to help empower you to take your health into your own hands. Being holistic in our approach and inspired by sacred healing traditions, we are passionate about sharing ancient wisdom to aid your ascension to greater health and happiness.

As we prepare to reopen our Sanctuary in the coming months and are concocting special wellness programmes to help you navigate and transcend the challenges of these times, we were intrigued and excited when we came across research citing scientists’ emerging discovery of T-Cells as equally important to antibodies in the fight against Covid-19.

T-Cells are produced in a small gland called the thymus, which sits just above the breast bone, on top of the heart. From the Western medical perspective, the thymus gland is linked to our lymphatic and immune systems, helping us to fight infection. It is especially active during childhood and then starts to deteriorate after adolescence.

In our work treating patients over the last 25 years, we have helped many attain a state of vibrant health by working with the energetic body. The thymus gland is also an important centre in the body’s meridian system, mapped out in ancient Chinese medicine, and the chakra energy centres in the subtle body.

The location of the thymus is also significant. It is positioned within the heart meridian, as well as the lesser-known higher heart chakra, representing the transpersonal aspect of the heart; unconditional divine love and compassion. It is therefore unsurprising that the thymus can hold a lifetime’s worth of unprocessed emotions such as anxiety, sadness and grief, stuck in layers of the physical and energetic body and affecting our vibrational frequency.

Our ancestors knew the innate intelligence and wisdom of the sacred thymus! The ancient Chinese, Indian yogic, Egyptian, and Mayan traditions all recognised that to open our thymus is to open and infuse our lives with forgiveness, love, and compassion. For this reason, many of them performed special healing techniques and ceremonies to activate the thymus.

Thymus self-care is particularly important and potent at a time when the fear response is on high alert and we encourage you to cleanse this energetic centre to optimise its function and stimulate the production of T-Cells.

The thymus is very sensitive to both positive and negative sounds, and sound therapy can help to restore balance to your chakra. Those of you who have ever been to a retreat in Sri Lanka or a workshop at our London Clinic will know how we often weave the gong and other sound techniques into our healing programmes.

There are also a few simple practices that you can try at home to stimulate the flow of energy, move through blockages and bring about harmony and equilibrium:

1. If you have a singing bowl at home you can try lying down, placing the bowl directly on to your body and simply allowing the acoustic vibrations to move through your sternum.
2. Practice Qigong – join our 20-minute lunchtime Qigong practice with Sen Wellness Founder Sam on Monday 24th August at 12pm BST on Instagram Live, or watch on replay.
3. Try tapping on your energy meridians, particularly those directly under your collar bones (tip: these spots will probably feel sore if you press into them).


Photo by Conscious Design on Unsplash

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