Sil Dekkers

Yoga Teacher

Sil first came across yoga when studying at the dance academy in Holland.

During her yoga teacher training in Thailand she had the chance to delve deeper into the history and philosophy of yoga whilst discovering lots of new yoga styles.

A whole new world opened up for her. She realised that yoga is not only a practise, but a lifestyle, a way of living and connecting with yourself and your perception of life.

In her classes she likes it to connect her students with their bodies whilst trying to quieten the mind. Her Vinyasa classes are designed to calm the mind and energize the body. Sil’s Yin classes are all about surrender; opening up physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

‘By using your body as a tool to master the mind you may be surprised what you can achieve, all by yourself, from what is already within you. You don’t need anything or anyone else beside you to achieve your goals. It’s all in YOU.’

My time at Sen was nothing short of transformational. Every day in that sanctuary brought me a new gift, a new truth, or a new opportunity to heal from my pain. It wasn’t always smooth, or necessarily happy, but it was deeply fulfilling to my body, my soul, and my soma. It almost felt like a pilgrimage to nature, to purity. The people I met there, the conversations and rituals we had together, the meals, laughs, and stories we shared, they were life-altering for me. Some of those moments left an impact that is still with me today, two months later. Thank you Sen team for all you have given and done. 🤍
Asrar Mousli
10:24 16 Oct 21
I was a part of the Golden Summer Retreat at Senwellnesssanctuary. This has been a very intense experience. The Sanctuary is built within the middle of nature on the lagoon near Tangalle with an outstanding architecture. The whole stuff is perfect working together within their different tasks and does everything for the wellbeeing of the guests. Very soon you don't feel as a guest but more as a member of a loving and caring family. Excellent ayurvedic food, doctor and treatments as a basic for a deep going transformation process with special tools and combination of ongoing steps. A real magic experience within the travel bubble in islandwide lockdown and global pandemic. My deepest gratitude for all the people there which makes this possible
Karin Richter
04:51 03 Sep 21
I just was part of the Golden Summer Retreat at Sen Wellness. This was a very special and magic experience on an outstanding place in nature with awasome people on a wonderful island. Started with super friendly and caring hotel managing team, best ayurvedic kitchen, doctor and treatments, lovely yoga work and special and carefully developed transformation tools and process. Highly recommend Sen Wellness for a mindful and deep going stay. My deepest thanks for all who created and worked for this space and give their best whatever their task is
Karin Richter
12:55 02 Sep 21
This place is the best one to come, relax, disconnect and get your energies up again.All the building is design in a circular way to have the energy flowing around and don’t get stocked in the corners.You are able the hear the waves of the ocean crushing in the beach, and the food is just amazing.The personalised ayurveda treatments help you to reach a peace of mind difficult to reach anywhere else.
Ester Franco Varón
01:54 15 Aug 21
This was my first wellness trip .. and I loved it!Every other holiday I have been on involved drinking and returning to normality feeling worse than I did before I left.After visiting Sen for 2 weeks, I felt brand new.Before leaving I was concerned that I would get bored, but I never did. Just pure peace, relaxation, and contentment, for 2 full weeks.You get so well looked after every day, from the early morning tea wake up call, to your serving of herbal medicine before bed. With plenty of yoga, meditation, and treatments in between.The food is delicious! Clean and fresh. The daily ayurvedic treatments are bliss and the beach is isolated and beautiful, perfect for an afternoon stroll.Thank you to all the staff at Sen for making my stay so worth it. From the management, chefs, cleaners, treatment therapists, yogis, the monk and especially the resident doctor, who put a smile on my face every day!I recommend Sen to anyone that just needs a good break from life. To switch off, refresh and reconnect with yourself. The results are long lasting.Paul.
Paul Kelly
05:34 06 Jul 21
I was staying in March for 2 weeks .Beautiful place with untouched beach you can walk along and enjoy the sound of the waves . Bespoke location with surrounding of wildlife . Amazing people and individual approach makes your stay relaxing and enjoyable . Would be lovely to have more non vegetarian food option . Thank you for looking after me
Kristina Hart
16:19 18 Jun 21
It was an amazing experience in a real paradise location, close to one of the most beautiful and prestine beaches i have ever seen , and trust me i have seen many beaches in south east asia, it is so untouched and clean. We even saw little baby turtles hatch at night ... i will never forget that !The treatments and especialy the massages were one of the best i have had in my life, the Premium Cabanas are so charming and top levels even have an outdoor shower.When you come to Sen Wellness i can guarentee you will also meet likeminded people and enjoy your time including great Yoga Classes and other experiences and excursions.If this sounds all to good to be true, you should experience it for yourself!
Jacob hgdajd
16:37 25 May 21
Perfect place to truly reset yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. Pricing is very cheap for what they offer - all inclusive food (each meal a symphony!), treatment plan, massages, shirodara, cleansing options, beautiful accommodations, gorgeous secluded beach with turtles, daily herbs per your plan as prescribed, daily yogic practices etc etc. Current is strong so might need to arrange for lifeguard for swimming. I highly recommend this place for tired Europeans and US residents. Yes, even from US, totally worth the loooong flight. If you want to explore the country after quarantine at SenWellness, recommend hiring a private driver guide as public transport is not welcoming tourists per covid.
Pruz0001 Pruz0001
18:32 24 May 21
I spent 2 weeks at Sun Wellness to rest and recharge/detox from the every day life. It was an amazing place.The staff is professional and super helpful. We got delicious food everyday (mostly vegan), and daily support from a doctor that monitored how are we doing.The yoga teacher was also excellent and i enjoyed the 2 sessions we got every day.The massages were the best I got in my life. they really knew the anatomy of the body and focused on the right muscles and pain points. It was a great recovery after the yoga sessions and long beach walks.Finally, the beach is amazing. Its long with kilometers, its sandy, its full with palm trees. And the best part, we saw plenty of giant turtles nesting on the beach and small turtles hatching almost every day.The trip was a great pleasure, and left me refreshed, energized and more mindful. I warmly recommend this place.
Trajce Dimkov
04:33 20 May 21
I was planning to come there for only one week to start practicing yoga and also to see if ayurvedic treatments were helping me to overcome some of the stress as most people experienced in this Covid period. After only a few days i already felt how the daily practices in Sen Wellness Sanctuary (with daily yoga and meditation classes, ayurvedic treatments and super healthy and natural food) changed my perceptions and helped me to become much more centered and connected with myself again. That is why i extended another week and it was a very good decision to strengthen the skills and way of life which is thaught there. The place is really well made which lots of attention to details and the location at the remote and beautiful Rekawa beach can not be better to get into the vibe and spirit you feel there.Thanks alot to Dr. Sam and the whole staff for this fantastic experience.
Christian Wellinger
07:39 23 Apr 21
I didn’t think it would be possible to travel somewhere far during this pandemic, let alone feel completely safe, in awe of all the country’s and the sanctuary’s protocols, and their ability to allow you to enter a bubble with a group of fellow retreaters so that for 10 days we completely forgot about the covid world out there. In our little haven between beach and lagoon we healed, relaxed, meditated, swam, did yoga, slept, made life-long friends and found an emotionally safe place to let go, process, feel vulnerable and share much needed laughter. You return home so healthy from the incredible locally sourced foods and the cleansing monitored by an impressive ayurvedic doctor, so at peace... Now the challenge is to use all those new tools we have acquired there and use them in our daily lives to feel happier and more fulfilled in our day to day lives. Thank you to the whole amazing Sen Wellness team. Namaste.
Gabrielle Stewart
16:58 20 Apr 21
Amazing place with beautiful people. Delicious food and great, helpful stuff. I've been very satisfied of treatments and whole stay. Really recommend that place!
Pawel Marona
16:35 18 Apr 21
The Sen wellness centre was a refreshing place to find. The current world, post covid climate only served to boost this gem of a (possibly) life changing, experience.Arriving at the centre was a little daunting to start with, people sitting at a large table engaging in lively, upbeat conversations, whilst the newbies sit in partial isolation. A requirement of law to ensure covid safety for all at the centre but a comforting experience none the less.After a day or so of settling in (this being my first experience of such a place), I was blown away by the warmth of the team. All professionalism and smiles, from the doctor to the cleaners, they all made you feel incredibly welcome and special.In turn, this encourages you to be equally open. Not an easy thing for us all to do but once you start, you begin to feel your way and gain in confidence, finding a better you.Then there are the treatments .. I have been a meat eater for 20 years and here I was with no meat, no dairy, no bread and butter and no alcohol, tea or coffee & enjoying it all, looking forward to all meals and often asking for seconds. It’s amazing how one’s pallet can change.Living on a mainly plant based diet took a few days to get used to but my body ended up feeling like it hasn’t done since childhood. Functioning as it should, processing the food easily, no bloating or discomfort and sleeping like a baby in the wonderful surroundings.The diet along with a tailor based health plan of herbal medicine, teas, detoxes, yoga and a general reset have changed the way that I feel and also how I am starting to think.It’s not just the food and the treatments. The energy of the staff and the guests who visit Sen Wellness is heart-warming experience, I cannot recommend it highly enough.I’d also like to thank all those that shared this experience with me .. thank you guys, it was amazing !Take time out of what you consider to be the important things in your life. Take a trip to this centre and find out for yourselves what is really important. Forget the constant consumption that we are fed, as being a necessity to happiness on a daily basis - go and feed your soul, you really will not regret it !
Mark Ford
13:21 18 Apr 21
A beautiful space with beautiful people, Sen Wellness Sanctuary lets you truly unplug from the madness and get in touch with yourself. My wife and I spent 1 week there and our only regret is that we didn't stay longer.After your individual consultation with the Ayurvedic doctor, your treatments are tuned to your personal issues and are out of this world. All the staff are super friendly and professional at their jobs.The yoga classes were incredible and both of us could really see progress in the short time we were there. The best part is that your level of practice does not matter and anyone can take part without feeling inept.The food was healthy and super delicious at the same time. Really missing our morning tea!Sen Wellness Sanctuary is highly recommended for anybody that wants to let go or just reset. We can't wait to go back!Thanks again to everyone for making us feel like a part of the family! Much love!
Paul Terblanche
09:02 15 Apr 21
I travelled to Sen Wellness Sanctuary trying to reconnect with myself and found a community immersed in love, trust, peace and serenity. I was hoping to discover a stronger sense of self-esteem and ended up finding self-love.I was blown away by the care and attention from all members of staff, the incredible quality of the food on offer, the breath taking surroundings, the beautiful beach and the immersive Ayurvedic treatments. One of the best experiences I have had in my life so far.I have blossomed not only physically, but mentally and emotionally through this experience. Everyone has a different reason for going on this journey and, for me, I found it is only the beginning.A true Sanctuary.
Neil Power
08:21 06 Apr 21